Mid-States offers a wide range of standard casters and wheels for products based on the end user’s needs and conditions. We have access to many wheel manufacturers and their engineering experience.

Phenolic – Non-marking, non-conductive wheels that offer floor protection and are excellent load carriers. The wheels are molded of heavy macerated denim (reducing a solid substance to a soft mass by soaking in liquid) and impregnated with phenolic resin under high pressure and temperature.
Polyurethane – With a non-marking tread bonded to a steel core, this high capacity wheel offers floor protection on hard floors or carpet while cushioning the load, is resistant to most chemicals, and delivers a quieter operation than standard metal.

Mold On Rubber – Cushioned rubber treads are vulcanized (to treat with sulfur in varying amounts and temps to increase strength and elasticity) to a semi-steel hub. This wheel offers a quiet ride, diminishes vibration and is highly shock absorbing.

Semi-Pneumatic – Semi-pneumatic wheels allow good shock absorption with light capacity. These wheels will give a cushioned, quiet ride and are puncture proof.

Full Pneumatic – This inflatable tire offers the best floor and load protection, while optimizing ease of rolling and great shock absorption. As another option, we offer these foam inflated, to make them deflation proof with no effect on capacity!

Semi-Steel – This cast iron wheel is a cost effective solution for a high capacity requirement, offering the highest tensile strength in the market. Providing an easy roll and long life on concrete floors, the cast iron wheel will sustain sharp impacts while under full load. It is not recommended for conditions when noise reduction or floor protection are required.

Poly Press On – A wheel commonly used on high capacity trailers, the polyurethane helps reduce operating costs as the high wear resistance of this material minimizes replacement. Polyurethane offers easy rolling, higher wear resistance and greater capacity than rubber.

Rubber Press On – When a wheel is needed for capacities and service conditions beyond the standard cushioned mold on rubber, we offer a 70 durometer industrial press on tire. This wheel can offer high capacity, durability and trouble free performance!